Working in America—our innovative, multimedia initiative exploring what work means, looks, and feels like—has opened in Aspen, Colorado at the Pitkin County Library!

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Cultural Production with Social Impact
Cultural Production with Social Impact
Cultural Production with Social Impact
Cultural Production with Social Impact
Cultural Production with Social Impact

Program Areas

Project& creates original work, collaborates with artists to provide platforms for already-existing works to flourish, and acts as a convener for cross-disciplinary conversation. In all our work, we support, contextualize, and create effective participation strategies. More information on working with Project& as an artist or institution can be found by sending a query to info [at] projectand [dot] org.


Project& creates fellowships with individual artists to collaborate on the creation of original, multidisciplinary productions. The duration of the Fellowship is dictated by the nature of the initiative.

Global Dialogues

Global Dialogues are conversations through and about creative work that are designed to promote new ideas, connections, and means of participation. For this international series, Project& gathers unexpected and unusual partners to engage conversations across far-ranging locales, thereby attracting participants with diverse perspectives. We specifically strive to shift the canon of public dialogues by highlighting under-recognized areas of cultural exchange, including human rights; global liberation struggles, global LGBT equality; ways to encourage democratic participation; incarceration; immigration; popular culture; race, class and gender equity; economic inequality; violence; free speech, and innovative models of social impact.

Innovative Studio

Project&’s Innovative Studio provides an opportunity for unconventional, risk-taking practices with undefined and unpredictable outcomes. These works cultivate the accidental, intentional, emergent, and disruptive elements of everyday life to remap the landscape of artistic possibility. This boundless philosophy of the Innovative Studio ultimately allows artists to investigate unique and challenging productions and experiments that may be in incipient phases, or lack widespread support or funding, but that we believe are essential to social and artistic progress.