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Cultural Production with Social Impact
Cultural Production with Social Impact
Cultural Production with Social Impact
Cultural Production with Social Impact
Cultural Production with Social Impact

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Photo Credit: Project& Creative Collaborators Hank Willis Thomas and Du Dyun Portraits by international Center for Photography and Denise Anderson

Project& Creative Collaborators Du Yun and Hank Willis Thomas Awarded Guggenheim Fellowships

April 5th, 2018 project and

Project& congratulates two extraordinary artists who continue to inspire the world through art.
Project& is honored to have collaborated with composer Du Yun and artist Hank Willis Thomas. In 2014, Project& commissioned Du Yun’s piece an empty garlic in collaboration with Project& Fellow Claire Chase.

In the fall of 2015, Project& partnered with Hank Willis Thomas and Cause
Collective to bring In Search for The Truth (Truth Booth) to Chicago as part of Project&’s annual collaboration with EXPO Chicago focusing on social aesthetics.

Du Yun is a New York­based composer whose work spans across performance art, sound experimentation and orchestral music. Du Yun is a founding member of the International Contemporary Ensemble and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her brilliant musical composition Angel’s Bone in 2017. She has ongoing projects in oral history, musicals, and orchestral compositions.

Hank Willis Thomas’ conceptual art is primarily focused on investigations of identity, power, and commodification. He shines a spotlight on U.S. history’s cognitive dissonance and allows the viewer to create their own experience and meaning. In 2017, Hank Willis Thomas created permanent installations at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (Love Over Rules), and Opa­Locka (All Power to All People).

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